Physical Books Vs. E-Readers

It is a question that mankind has asked itself since, well… 2007, when the Amazon Kindle was first released and sold out within five and a half hours, but which one is really better? E-Readers or physical books? Personally, I love physical books, and so do many others. There is something nostalgic and immersive about … Continue reading Physical Books Vs. E-Readers


My 5 Favourite Podcasts

Over the six months or so, I've noticed a real change in my listening habits. In fact, if you had asked me what my listening habits were, I would have assumed you were asking me what music I enjoyed listening to. Previously, I had always assumed podcasts were for true crime nerds, journalists who wanted to … Continue reading My 5 Favourite Podcasts

My Hoard of Notebooks (Which I Couldn’t Travel Without!)

I have a confession to make. I am completely addicted to notebooks. They have always been the present that my friends have gone to for my birthday or Christmas. However, I had not even acknowledged how many notebooks I use until I recently begun packing for my move to Amsterdam - when I realised that … Continue reading My Hoard of Notebooks (Which I Couldn’t Travel Without!)

4 Things I Learnt From ‘Why The Dutch Are Different’ by Ben Coates

Come February I shall be leaving the UK behind, to spend my semester abroad in the Netherlands. Last summer, as a little preparation for my time abroad, I did as any slightly-nerdy literature student would do and bought a book on the Netherlands. In Why the Dutch Are Different, Ben Coates travels around his adopted country and … Continue reading 4 Things I Learnt From ‘Why The Dutch Are Different’ by Ben Coates

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Rating: ❶❷❸❹⑤ Seventeenth-century Amsterdam has never looked more exciting and terrifying than in Jessie Burton's 2014 novel The Miniaturist. Set during the Dutch Golden Age, the story follows Nella Oortman after she moves to the city following her marriage to a wealthy merchant, Johannes Brandt. As a wedding gift, Johannes offers Nella a dollhouse imitation of … Continue reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton